Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ceiling is Done

Today we finished the ceiling. The boards are from a Silver Maple cut down on site a couple years ago so it had some nice spalting in parts. It is very nice wood to work with. We dried it inside Kappy and Sam´s house over the winter. Thanks to Rob Roy Mackey we got the big table saw working. Rob has a method to make three phase motors work on standard home 220 volt current. It involves another three phase motor that you spin by hand to get it going, it then adds the third phase. Not sure exactly how it works but it does. The saw is a Delta Unisaw. We used a wobble dado to cut the rabbets. The wood was coated with boiled Linseed oil. It really brings out the grain features. We are also doing lots of plaster color samples . Next week the floor will go in. We have a lot of recovered oak T&G from an old amusement park here in DC called Glen Echo.