Saturday, November 8, 2008

Building a space for healing

Kappy Laning has been a Breathworker for many years and decided she wanted her own special space to practice. She and her husband Sam Droege have done extensive remodeling of their home with strawbale and timber framing so they wanted a simple building that used locally available and recycled materials to reduce the carbon footprint. There were several trees on the land that were not fairing too well so they were cut down and turned into boards with a Wood Mizer portable sawmill. Sand from a foundation trench has been mixed with broken concrete and local gravel to form piers. Windows and beams will come from Rob Roy Mackey who collects just about everything. Rob Roy also loaned us his winch truck and dump truck. We will be getting recycled boards from the Community Forklift, a building material recycler near here. Straw bales will come from a local farmer. We have several volunteers helping us and Barrett Snow, up and coming stunt man has been hard at work for several weeks. At this point the piers are almost done and as soon as the concrete and mortar have hardened we will place the foundation beams and go up from there.

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Courtney said...

Hey! I'm really interested in the natural homebuilding movement, and you posted that you like visitors :) I'm on break this summer, even though I have a class and I'm working, but would I be able to visit?