Monday, September 13, 2010

Lime Plaster with Georgie Donais

With the skilled assistance of Ms.Donais an appreciable amount of wall area was covered with lime plaster. We even attempted a fresco of sorts which was to be a throw away but the owner, Kappy Laning, liked it so it stays. We used Red Top gauging plaster with a type S lime and mason's sand. I wanted to experiment with the gypsum to see how it handled. I bought some retarder just in case. At times it set up in fifteen minutes so we kept the batches small. There was very little cracking, just in areas where the plaster was put on thick or without pressure. The coats were thin, less than a quarter inch. We used prickly pear juice also. I'm not sure exactly how much it does but I like the idea and it doesn't seem to hurt. We put in a small amount of sticky rice soup since it seems to be the rage as well. No pozzolans this time.

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