Saturday, March 7, 2009

As Good as it Gets

The move went off very smoothly this am except for a no-show by the inspection cops. The crane crew was there before 5:30 the crane shortly after. As you can see in the photos it was a very big crane this time. We scrambled to prepare the trailer when it finally got screened and released, the placing of the house was impeccable, we cinched it down and with the help of our friend Luis Garabay made it to the edge of DC where he left us and we crossed into Maryland and proceeded with no problems to Sam and Kappy's house. The road in was still muddy from Sunday's snow but today was actually in the 70s if you can believe it so things were drying out fast. We jiggled and joggled and got the house within 10 feet of perfect and left if for tomorrow. A couple of Yuenglings and some deserved rest. Yay!!!!!!!! By the way, this crane had a scale and the weight of the the building , deck and tackle was 7.5 tons.

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