Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maybe next time... or...The little crane that couldn't

The big day came, we did the mandatory last minute , hair on fire stuff fixing the truck last night, got up at 3:45 am made it downtown on time, waited for the crane then watched as it became clear that them little strawbale houses be HEAVY. The crane sank a pad into the grass, creaked ominously with the weight of the building and the boss man said "Put 'er back down, crane's not big enough". So now back to square one, set another date and do it again. The Capitol Police were helpful and seemed to have a good time watching . They led us out of downtown with lights flashing ,running right through red lights up Capitol East and out of DC.Thanks guys! And thank you Ray and John at the Botanic Gardens. We'll get it right soon. Thanks to Mike and Randy who showed up to help and to Pat McCardle who came down to film the event. Eileen and Tommy came by the house to help on that end. We had a good lunch and talked of things natural.

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