Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why it was Good That we Didn't Bring the EcoHouse Back

Sam Here:

Eric kindly invited me to blog a bit and so I shall. Actually today wasn't that disappointing as I think all the team members (Rob Roy, Mike, Eric, Kappy, Randy and myself) felt happy that we actually pulled off getting all the permits, vehicles, inspections (bomb-sniffing dog and all), and times down without a hitch. We even had all the parts, tools, gas, doughnuts, and coffee we needed.

So when the building didn't load, it was something that was easy to accept and we had fun putting things back together. We were friends, everyone worked well together, and nobody got their ego or their body hurt.

Usefully, when we got done we did a dry run trying to back Rob Roys '57 trailer and '75 dump truck at the house and worked out some problems that would surely befall us when loaded for house.

Mike, former ballet star, attaching ball to spreader bar.

Eric Hempstead waiting for his crane to arrive

Kappy, on camera.

Rob Roy, waiting to ride off with a strawbale house


Oliver said...


Will you send me a picture when the building has found it's new home so I can add it to the natural homes map?

Regards, Oliver

eric said...

you bet, it will be right next to the studio being built that is on the blog. We are about 4 miles east southeast of Bowie , Maryland. I can give you a google earth placemarker if you'd like. Eric