Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wetting the Bush Celebration

Last night we invited people involved with the project and friends of Sam's and Kappy's children. Wren , Anna and Stuart attend a local high school and have some very cool friends that came. The main contributor to the project is Rob Roy Mackey, he has loaned us big machinery, donated wood and helped out with planning and design. Thanks Rob! We celebrated the roof framing being up, this is traditionally the time to hoist a cup to wish the building a long , good life. First Kappy gave thanks then all of us said something. It was great. We burned a big pile of brush from the area we cleared for the studio. Spuds in foil and hot dogs cooked over coals were dinner. The moon was almost full and the sky clear. Yesterday and today the temperatures were in the high 50s, maybe 60s. A nice respite from cold weather.

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